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Roland SHAL (Shalamberidze). Night train.

Id: 835
Category: Painting /Grafiks/ Photos- Сontemporary art
Materials: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 115 x 100 x 2 cm
Area: Saint-Petersburg
Period: 1990


    Roland SHAL (Shalamberidze) - the nonconformism artist and the habitue of Pushkinskaya, 10, in Petersburg is known as the painter, the author of the courageous projects integrated to performance and game. Roland was born in 1958 in Kutaissi, Georgia. In a youth artist was engaged in figurative painting, but soon has completely devoted itself to abstract expressionism, to conceptualism. Since 1975 Shal is the participant of numerous exhibitions in Russia, USA and Europe. In 1990s Roland worked in Petersburg in the Art-center «Pushkinkaya, 10». Also was well-known in Germany because of the numerous exhibitions in various galleries and alternative places. Creativity of the artist is very many-sidedly. He works as the abstract artist, the master of performance, installations, sound art and video-art, as the designer of interiors. Roland Shalamberidze art works are in the following collections: Museum of Nonconformism art, SPb, Russia; Tomsk museum of the fine arts, Tomsk, Russia; Norton Dodge's collection (Norton Dodge Collection), the USA; Museum of the modern art in Oklahoma, the USA; T7N Collection, Moscow, Russia; Academy of modern film-art, Paris, France; Collection of City Bank (Citi Bank), Queens, New York, the USA; Zimmerly Museum, Rutgers University, Brunswick, New Jersey, the USA; Dagmar Berhinger Gallery Collection, Munich, Germany; SINOPSIS-New Art association Experimental Musician (R.SH. a member of association). Personal exhibitions: 2005 - Didi gallery St.Petersburg; 2005 - Indastrial hangar 1300m2 St.Petersburg; 2002 - Gellery Art&You. Kantemirovskii st. 2. St.Peterburg; 2001 - LDM Palace of youth. Popovst. 48. StPeterburg;2000 - Culture Center Pushkinskaya 10 «Poligon», St. Petersburg, Russia; 2000 - Studio «SHAL» 511, Culture Center Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg, Russia; 2000 - Joseph Lloyd Design Center , West 41 Street & 1 th Avenue, New York, USA; 1999 - Citibank, Queens, NY, USA; 1996 - Studio «SHAL», Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg, Russia; 1995 - Computer Center, Copenhagen, Denmark; 1994 - Gallery 103, St. Petersburg, Russia; 1993 - Nikolaevsi Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia; 1992 - Financial Center, Tampere, Finland; 1992 - Gallery 10/10, St. Petersburg, Russia; 1991 - New Solyanka Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia; 1975 - Gallery D. Kakabadze, Kutaissi, Georgia.

Price: 90000 RUR

2008-05-15 Now prices are in Roubles!

Now prices are in Roubles!


2007-03-30 We continue add items to the base.

We continue add items to the base.


2007-03-30 We add informatiom about our Gallery Larusse in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We add informatiom about our Gallery Larusse in St. Petersburg, Russia.


2004-02-22 Larusse -Decoration of Interiors, furniture

Larusse -Decoration of Interiors, furniture


2004-02-22 Larusse offered the Graphics of 18-20 centuries.

Larusse offered the Graphics of 18-20 centuries.


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