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Alexandr Florensky. Portrait of Olga Florenskaya. 1979

Id: 826
Category: Painting /Grafiks/ Photos - 1917-1991 Soviet
Materials: Two sided painting. Oil on canvas.
Dimensions: 96 x 78 x 2 cm
Area: Leningrad (now Saint-Petersburg)
Period: 1979


    Portrait of Olga Florenskaya. One of the first artworks of Alexandr. In 1979 he was 19 years old. Olga is Alexandr’s wife and also an artist- conceptual art, creating object installations. She is the only female member of Mit’ki art group. Free copy of Tintoretto painting. (on the other side). Inspired by the Italian Renaissance painting of Titian, Rembrandt, Tintoretto and others, Alexandr Florensky made during the first half of 1980-s the series of paintings - Copies of famous painters artworks made in free manner. Free copy of Tintoretto was made in 1981, two years later than portrait of Olga on the other side of the canvas. Alexander Florensky began his career in the early 1980s as a painter, draughtsman and book illustrator, mainly working on traditional subjects such as landscapes and still-life. In the early 1990s, however, he turned to conceptual art, and began producing installations and objects. By the mid 1990s, he began collaborating with his wife and fellow Mit’ki member, Olga Florenskaya. Together they embarked on an exploration of Russian mentality and its reflection in handicrafts in a year-long project entitled ‘The Russian Design’, a humorous comment on the ability of Russians to put to good use what many others would consider rubbish. Their works are humorous and often explore urban life in Russia, nature, ecology, history and Russian mentality. Alexander Florensky is a member of Mit’ki, the infamous underground art group in St Petersburg, Russia, which upset the establishment during the years leading up to Perestroika by challenging the then Soviet system and becoming celebrities in the process. Today, the group runs a publishing house and produces a regular publication, the Mit’ki Gazette. Its members have curated over three hundred exhibitions since its inception in 1985. Alexander Florensky was born in Leningrad (now St Petersburg), Russia in 1960. He was a student at Leningrad Mukhina Art College between 1977 and 1982. In 1985, he co-founded the artists’ group Mit’ki and has since participated in all of Mit’ki’s exhibitions. He is also one of the founders of Mit’ki newspaper and the publishing house Mit’kiLibris, and in 1996, was one of the institutors of the Mit’ki-VKhUTEMAS Creative Center. Since 1988 he has also been a member of The Leningrad Branch of the Union of Artists (LOSKh). As well as painting and object and installation art, Florensky has also created animated films and has taken part in many film festivals both in Russia and abroad. He has recently produced work in collaboration with his wife, Olga Florenskaya. He has participated in exhibitions throughout Europe and in the USA. Their artworks are in museums collections- State Russian museum, State Hermitage, Tretjakov gallery, KIASIMA and City Art Museum in Helsinki, Victoria and Albert museum in London.

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2008-05-15 Now prices are in Roubles!

Now prices are in Roubles!


2007-03-30 We continue add items to the base.

We continue add items to the base.


2007-03-30 We add informatiom about our Gallery Larusse in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We add informatiom about our Gallery Larusse in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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