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The present text is the Agreement between the Internet-shop «», called in the further «Internet-shop», and the user of services of Internet-shop, called in the further «Buyer» and defines conditions of purchase of items through a site of Internet-shop, in the further «Site».

1. Main provisions.

1.1. The present Agreement is concluding between Buyer and Internet-shop during the moment of registration of the order.

1.2. While registration of the order Buyer agrees with the conditions stipulated by the present Agreement.

1.3. To make a purchase in the Internet-shop can any physical or juridical person, capable to accept and pay items.

2. Conditions of the order of items.

2.1. While registration of the order Buyer chooses a type of payment, a way of delivery of items, put data about the payer, the address of delivery, contact phone, e-mail address and other data necessary for Internet- shop to implement a treaty. On the basis of data given by the Buyer, Internet-shop exposes an invoice to the Buyer for payment the ordered items and cost of delivery if those is declared. The invoice sends to the Buyer by e-mail. We guarantee full confidentiality while executing the order. The information received by us during the order will be used only for execution of the order.

2.2. From the moment of realization of order, the items are reserved for the term of 5 working days. After registration of the order, the customer is obliged to pay to the ordered subject in current 5 working days. For prolongation of reservation of items, after making the payment the Buyer should inform Internet- shop about it by means of e-mail, or phone +7812 5722043 on the fact of payment, number and date of the order, and also number and date of the payment document.

2.3. Internet- shop starts to execute engagements under the given offer not later than 3 (three) working days from the moment of receipt on its settlement account of full payment under the exposed invoice.

3. Conditions of payment and delivery:

3.1. The items ordered in Internet-shop are delivered to the Buyer by means of a mail service (if delivery is declared). Ways and conditions of delivery are specified in section «Payment & Delivery».

3.2. Payment. Types and conditions of payment are specified in section «Payment & Delivery». Payment should be made within 5 (five) bank days after receiving invoice. In case of delay of payment it is necessary for Buyer to contact Internet-shop for specification of a urgency of the invoice (presence and prices for the ordered items).

3.3. The responsibility for quality and terms of delivery lays on the company which are carrying out mail services. The fact of sending by Internet-shop of items makes sure the document confirming transfer of the items to the operator of a mail service. Internet- shop does not carry the responsibility for quality and speed of delivery of postage.

4. The order of return items.

4.1. The subjects of Antiques got in Internet-shop are not a subject to an exchange and return. The physical condition of the subjects, present defects and losses are specified by means of photos and descriptions on the Site.

5. Validity of the contract.

5.1 Contract inures from the moment of registration of the order and works before execution of the obligations by the sides.

6. Disputes of the sides.

6.1. All disputes and disagreements are solved by negotiations of sides. In case disputes and disagreements cannot be settled by negotiations, they are left Arbitration court of Saint-Petersburg.

7. The acceptance of the contract.

7.1. The text of the present Contract is the public offer in conformity with article 435 and a part 2 of article 437 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. Under the written requirement of the Buyer the Internet- shop makes the Contract of the order on paper with signatures of the sides.

7.2. The contract is considered working from the moment of reception by the Buyer the message on intention of the Buyer to get the items on the conditions offered by the Internet-shop.

7.3. The Internet-shop reserves the right to itself to change at any time the present treaty provisions. In case of it change, new conditions will be informed to the Buyer by means of the publication of the new version on the present Site. New conditions of sale will extend only on the sales which have been carried out after modification.


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2008-05-15 Now prices are in Roubles!

Now prices are in Roubles!


2007-03-30 We continue add items to the base.

We continue add items to the base.


2007-03-30 We add informatiom about our Gallery Larusse in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We add informatiom about our Gallery Larusse in St. Petersburg, Russia.


2004-02-22 Larusse -Decoration of Interiors, furniture

Larusse -Decoration of Interiors, furniture


2004-02-22 Larusse offered the Graphics of 18-20 centuries.

Larusse offered the Graphics of 18-20 centuries.


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