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Manukov Oleg. Black Obvodviy kanal.

Id: 977
Category: Painting /Grafiks/ Photos - 1917-1991 Soviet
Materials: oil on cardboard
Dimensions: 55 x 74 x 3 cm
Area: USSR
Period: 1965


    Manjukov Oleg (1934-1981) was one of the first ideologist of «non-conformism» art movement in Leningrad (now Saint- Petersburg). Non-conformism- group of artists in USSR in 1970-1980-s keen expressing disagreement with given rules and style (social realism) by means of painting and other arts). Manjukov was a curator of the first exhibitions of the unofficial art in Leningrad already in 1960-s. It was the time when Soviet ministry of culture could close an exhibition, destroy artwork and even put the artist to prison just if art doesn’t reflect soviet ideology. Studied at Demidov art school №2 (studio of Antipova and Teterin); University named after Herzen (studios of Kabachek, Serov Vladimir, Pavlov). Manjukov is acknowledged as the master of experimental texture painting which he made using unexpected materials. He invented thick base for canvas, he could make an effect of glass to the surface of painting, he fixed things like threads, bird flags, pieces of moss on the picture. These chemical experiments strongly damaged his health and were the main reason of early decease. Artist made several artwork series. Urban landscapes dedicated to Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) – very particular view to the city. Series of paintings dedicated to the landscapes of Carpathian Mountains, Zakarpatskaja part of Ukrain. Series of paintings and graphics made under the influence of literary works wrote by Dostoevsky and Pushkin. Most of them are in museums collections (All-Russia museum of A.S.Pushkin (SPb), Fedor Dostoevsky memorial museum (SPb). Manjukov made the series of abstract compositions- paintings and collages. All are very emotional and picturesque. Exhibitions of Manjukov artworks took place mostly after his decease, in 1990-s in France, Austria and Germany. In 2005 big exhibition took place in All-Russia museum of A.S.Pushkin, in Saint- Petersburg. Friends and followers of Oleg Manjukov say if not the early decease, Manjukov became great artist of the time. He was an innovator of style and technique.

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2008-05-15 Now prices are in Roubles!

Now prices are in Roubles!


2007-03-30 We continue add items to the base.

We continue add items to the base.


2007-03-30 We add informatiom about our Gallery Larusse in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We add informatiom about our Gallery Larusse in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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