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Wedding towel with initials AC
Catalogue Price(RUR):  2300
Our Price(RUR):  2070
Today's Discount(RUR):  230 (10%)
Towels with inisials were usually presented to the bride by bridegroom's parents. Inisials of the bride. ...

Antique flooring Larusse
Worthy choice: to use antique floors in modern inter
Antique gallery LARUSSE
St.-Petersburg, Stremyannaya 3, tel: +7812 5722043,
Arсhitecture / Decor elements / Interior decor
Arсhitectural elements. Old houses, materials for de
Bells/ Ship's bell / Jingle
Bells beginning of c.19- c.20/ Ship's bell / Jingle
Caskets/ Chests / Boxes/ Baskets /
Chests were the main storage place in the peasant's
Clock / Watch
Fire clock, table clock, wall clock, watches and oth
Clothes / footwear / textiles / Perfume
Traditional Russian national costumes. Home-made lin
In this rubric are presented Collections which are n
Desk and office sets
Desk sets, office accessories, pen, pencils and othe
Distaffs / Looms/ Skalno
Hand-operated distaffs are one of the most interest
Fireplace framing / Coal stove, furnace equipment
Fireplace, marble frames, fire-screen, Coal stove,
Forged Products/ Metall/ Locks, Keys
Since ancient times the craft of the forge-men was
Frame for paint and icons / window's frames.
Here is diferent frames for pain? photos and Russian
Furniture Archaic, mirors
Russian province furniture was characterized by ext
Instruments / Technique / Optical / Tool
Measuring means, joiner's and socket tool, technique
Lamps / Chandelier / Lanterns / Candlestikcs
Lighting fitting, chandelier, Candlestikcs,lamp brac
M i s c e l l a n e o s
Miscellaneous products which do not fit into any of
Painting /Grafiks/ Photos - 1917-1991 Soviet
Paintings, grafics, reproductions of artists Soviet
Painting /Grafiks/ Photos- Сontemporary art
Сontemporary Art: Paintings, grafics, reproductions,
Painting Russian /Grafiks/ Photos - before 1917
Paintings, grafics, photos, reproductions of differ
Propaganda symbolics / Flags / Pendants/Olimpiad
The Soviet authority paid special attention of propa
Railway station samovars, small, for 2 cups and othe
Sculpture / Satuette / Plastic arts
Sculpture, Figure & statuette - made of porcelain,
Sledges, sleigh, luge/ Shaft-bows
Collectible sledges, for design, which was used in d
Splinter Stands
Splinter Stands (Rus. - "svetetsy") constituted a f
Toys/ Dolls/ Souvenirs
Toys pre-revolutionary and the Soviet period. Dolls,
Utensils / Pottery / Coper
Wooden utensils take a special position among the p
Utensils/ Dishes / Vases / tablewares
Various utensils: services table and coffee, cups, p

2008-05-15 Now prices are in Roubles!

Now prices are in Roubles!


2007-03-30 We continue add items to the base.

We continue add items to the base.


2007-03-30 We add informatiom about our Gallery Larusse in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We add informatiom about our Gallery Larusse in St. Petersburg, Russia.


2004-02-22 Larusse -Decoration of Interiors, furniture

Larusse -Decoration of Interiors, furniture


2004-02-22 Larusse offered the Graphics of 18-20 centuries.

Larusse offered the Graphics of 18-20 centuries.


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